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The new coronavirus epidemic that broke out in early 2020 has a huge impact on the offline retail industry. At present, the domestic epidemic is already in the stage of overall control and economic recovery. The 618 e-commerce war and the nationwide digital innovation that have just experienced are helping Chinese retail market rebounded faster than the rest of the world. EMarketer market research company predicts that in 2020 China's retail sales will reach 5.072 trillion US dollars, will surpass the United States as the world's largest retail market. At the same time, the market size of China's CPG industry has steadily increased, with the proportion of e-commerce channels continuing to grow, and high-end becoming a new growth engine. The CPG industry will usher in a new round of rapid development cycle.

The 2020 SMART RETAIL conference will kick off in Shanghai on September 16, when more than 250 high-level guests from CPG brands and retailers will gather in Shanghai, sharing and networking on five themes of "consumption upgrades, product innovation, marketing changes, channel optimization and digital transformation. The conference will set up keynote sharing, brand dialogue, round table discussion, TECH SHOW, and new female leadership dialogue sessions, inviting 100+ most representative retailers and CPG companies and the most innovative retail technology and digital marketing companies to provide new ideas for promoting the innovation and development of the retail and CPG industries, this conference will also explore how CPG retail companies under the impact of the epidemic will accelerate digital transformation.

Partial Topics of Smart Retail

● Perspective on CPG retail market
● Digital Transformation of Retail Industry
● Future Stores
● Marketing ROI, Digital Marketing
● AI Driven Commerce
● Data Empowers New Retail
● A Smart Future of Social Commerce
● Using New Tech to Accelerate Store Hi-Tech Transformation
● Creating A Green Shopping Environment
● New eCommerce and Mobile Innovation
● Digital Retail Talent Training and Hiring
● Digital Experience of Unmanned Store
● Membership Management and Precision Marketing in Big Data Era
● Practice of Blockchain Tracking Technology in Retail
● Fintech Innovation
● Digital Supply Chain
● New Technologies that are Changing Retail Industry
● NEW! How CPG Retailers Accelerate Digital Revolution after COVID-19 Outbreak

Recap of SMART RETAIL tech 2020

With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of technological maturity, a variety of emerging technologies such as big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, and 5G are emerging in an endless stream. With the outbreak of the Covid-19, how to accelerate the transformation process, turn disadvantages into advantages, and turn passive into proactive, will become a turning point for a large number of retail companies. On July 16, the SMART RETAIL 2020 Smart Retail tech conference hosted by JW CONSULTING was successfully held in Shanghai. More than 400 high-level guests from more than 100 selected retail brands attended the meeting to participate in sharing and exchanges. The conference presented 12 keynote speeches, a round table discussion and 3 wonderful Tech Shows to all the guests. The atmosphere was warm and the representatives actively interacted and discussed the latest technological development trends in the retail industry.

Recap of SMART RETAIL tech 2019

Technology is changing the way of selling and buying! As consumer needs increasingly drive retailers' technology agendas, tech roles in retail are evolving, making collaboration across teams even more critical to success. Smart Retail engages with retail technology leaders to deliver insights on technology trends and challenges facilitate collaboration across the sector. On December 12, SMART RETAIL tech 2019 is successfully held in Shanghai by JW CONSULTING, over 100 selected retailers & brands 400+ senior level guests participate and join networking. The event brings all attendees 11 keynotes, 1 brand talk, 1 panel discussion and 4 spectacular Tech Show, and exposes new technologies and possibilities that can be used to improve the customer experience and create a competitive advantage.

Recap of SMART RETAIL 2019

Organized by JW CONSULTING, Smart Retail 2019 Annual Convention has been successfully hosted at September 19-20 in Shanghai, attracting over 700 participants from large, middle and small retailers, brands and leading suppliers. The conference brought its audience 23 brilliant keynote presentations, 2 exciting round table discussions, and 9 wonderful tech shows, it’s the largest and most commercial valuable retail event in China.

Recap of SMART RETAIL Digital Transformation 2019

Organized by JW CONSULTING, Smart Retail Digital Transformation 2019 has been successfully hosted at May 23-24 in Shanghai. The event has attracted over 400 guests coming from global and domestic big retailers, brands and leading suppliers, presented with keynotes, panels, tech storm, brand talk, exhibition, tech show, business networking and social activities etc. The topics of the two day conference include digital tech innovation, traditional retailer digital marketing, big data strategy of mid-platform, digital upgrade of physical commerce, omnichannel empowerment and opportunities of cross-border ecommerce. The total 20 speeches, 2 panel discussions, and two whole day exhibition visiting and networking has shown a great convention for all guests seeking for retail digital revolution.

Recap of SMART RETAIL CPG 2019

Organized by JW CONSULTING, Smart Retail CPG Expansion 2019 has been successfully hosted at March 21-22 in Shanghai, the conference attracted over 400 senior level representatives from global and China major CPG brands and retailers. 20 keynotes sharing, one panel discussion, one brands talk, 17 sponsors and 4 brand partners gave strong support to the conference, with over 400-minute networking time. Smart Retail CPG Expansion has brought a feast of learning and networking for all CPG retail participants.

The Event for Business & Social Networking

Connecting with the industry is right at the heart of the Smart Retail experience. The event is tailored to maximize your networking opportunities whether that is daily sector specific workshops, an exhibition showcasing the industry’s latest innovations or our dedicated 1-2-1 networking function.

The event’s industry leading conference programme, delivered across three content areas, provides a platform for everything from 1-2-1 interviews with the industry’s most senior figures, insightful masterclass seminars and the latest community and social responsibility projects ongoing in a smarter retail world.

The past years have taught us that our unique social events are often the most valuable moments for connecting with fellow industry stakeholders. In addition to hosting social evenings at Shanghai’s iconic venues, our networking brunches, happy hours and late-night lounge offer more relaxed and informal settings to do business.