Hear the Voice of CPG Retail Disruptors

We are living in an era where customers are in the driver’s seat more than ever before and they are craving authenticity, newness, convenience, and creativity. We are living in the customer-driven economy. Smart Retail 2019 are focused squarely on understanding the art and science of catering to the customer. These focus on three main trend areas. The first is changing preferences, including the trend toward owning less and living in the social media-driven economy. The second is changing retail formats through the blurring of sectors and proliferation of on-demand fulfillment. The third is the transformative possibilities from living with exponential technologies, both in the store and beyond. While these trends are not new, what is interesting for 2019 is that what was once futuristic is now table stakes. Retail innovators know technology is no longer supplemental to the shopping experience, it is fundamental. Technology alone, however, is not enough. Customers are seeking new and surprising products and experiences. Retailers are increasingly challenged to find ways to delight their customers and strengthen loyalty. It is about mastering the art and science of customer engagement to design fresh experiences, enabled by technology.

The Smart Retail CPG Expansion 2020 conference program is designed to deliver top level insight and expertise into each of the different aspects of digital retail business.


Digital Transformation from Business Processes and Models to Culture Crossover Marketing and New Retail of CPG Brands
Data-Oriented, AI-Driven, Create End-to-End Digital Insights Cross Border Ecommerce & Supply Chain Innovation in New Retail Era