Smart Retail 2019 Annual Convention

Smart Retail in the largest new retail B2B event and networking platform in China. The 2019 Annual Convention will come up at September 19-20 in Shanghai, retailers & brands from globe, Asia, and China will gather in the economic heart of this country seeking for the future of retail. At Smart Retail 2019, you will hear visionary ideas, meet visionary people and experience visionary tech, together we are RESHAPING RETAIL VISION.

Smart Retail is not just a conference or exhibition, it is the event for networking, both social and business. At Smart Retail, you will connect with visionary attendees that span the entire business universe. In past series events, Smart Retail has successfully helped retailers find suppliers, suppliers find clients, companies find partners, even people find new job, these things are happening here and we look forward to your involvement.

Prestigious Speakers
SMART RETAIL 2019 will invite 30+ C-Level guest speakers from most representative retail and brand companies who will share latest key insights, techs and business model innovations.
Selected Program
The two day agenda covers hottest topics in retail industry like smart store, digital revolution, branding & marketing, nextgen retail tech, CVS, new retail and supply chain & logistics etc.
New Tech Showcase
20+ most innovative tech companies will on site showcase their latest products, techs and solutions for retail industry including VR/AR, AI, Image Recognition, Big Data, MarTech, CRM, Supply Chain Management etc.
Smart Retail Series
The target of Smart Retail is to build APAC most valuable high level close-door B2B networking platform for retail market. Through its series events, Smart Retail connects whole industry chains and enhance innovations.
Join 2019 Annual
Over 600 senior level guests from 300+ major retailers and brands will gather in Shanghai – the economic center of China. This is a must-attend B2B networking opportunity for retail leaders in Asia Pacific region.

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